“WCC you have saved my life! For seven years after my complete hysterectomy at age 35, I have tried every prescription hormone available. I even had 2 bio-identical hormones from a different pharmacy here in town but still no relief from my hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia, foggy thinking, painful intercourse, etc., etc. I thought I would never get back to my old self!
Then on Facebook, I saw a new business called Wheeler’s Custom Compounding so the next week, I had my hormones called into you. I really had given up…. thinking maybe it was just me and I would never respond to hormone therapy. Going without wasn’t working and taking them wasn’t working! So fed up, I thought why not try a different pharmacy. God answered my prayers that day! For the past 4 months, I haven’t had any hot flashes or night sweats! I can sleep through the night and I am finally starting to feel like my old self again.
At the time, I had no idea how my hormones were made but you took the time to explain to me what an electronic mortar & pestle and ointment mill was and how the medication would actually be absorbed better because of the way you made my hormones.
Now I’m here to testify that the quality of your hormones is far superior to your competition!!!! Not only the superior quality, but being all women, I felt very comfortable talking with you about my health issues. That is a huge deal from standing in my old pharmacy and not wanting to talk to the pharmacist because there was no privacy and because they were all men who really never acted like they cared that I was miserable.
During our consultation, you not only helped me but also provided information for my sick grandmother with diabetes that I had been caring for. Then, the following month, you recommended a prescription for my injured shoulder that I had suffered with for years. I am allergic to pain medication and didn’t like the side effects but now I rub in my pain cream and no more pain! Again, Thank You! Thank You! You really did save my life, I feel so much better!!!”
– Kim Y, Lexington, KY

“Shalom Heather! It’s such a pleasure doing business with you! May I give an observation please, you ARE a person of excellence! Not many individuals bother to be courteous, or remember names and to take the time to slip a personal note in with every order is almost unheard of! Thank You! I would almost swear you have been watching “Give em the Pickle” by Bob Farrell. Have you seen that? You can watch it on YouTube. Your notes are a bright spot in my day. When a person isn’t well, a cheery note goes a long way! The last several months have been hard, you wouldn’t think going to the P.O. Box, only a 6 mile drive would be such a strain! Or picking up the phone to get a hair appt! Finally got in for a trim on a “good” day but didn’t have your package ready. There was no way this was getting mailed before I wrote a note! You my friend are truly a person of excellence in every sense of the word!!!! Thank you, you are genuinely appreciated.”
– Judy K., Wytheville, VA

“Claire, My name is Dr. Clark Vice of Gainesway Small Animal Clinic. I have been practicing veterinary medicine for 12 years here in Lexington and have used Wheeler pharmacy and now Wheeler’s Custom Compounding throughout my career. They have always gone out of their way to make sure they had the correct drugs and dosages I have needed. If they couldn’t get or find exactly what I needed, they always offered a reasonable solution for the problem. They always seem to have superior quality products. I am confident that when I send a client to them for anything, the client will leave knowing they have the best products. Furthermore, I know the clients will receive the best possible service and communication about the drug being dispensed. I trust that any time I need anything or just have a question; Wheeler’s Custom Compounding will always be the right choice!”
– Dr. Clark Vice, DVM, Gainesway Small Animal Clinic

“I have been very fortunate to receive the services of Wheeler’s Custom Compounding on serveral occasions. Claire and Heather are knowledgeable and eager to meet the needs of every individual. As a medical professional, I find it refreshing that customers can still find hometown service with exceptional care.”
– Becky S. RN

“When I started my practice in Lexington, KY 26 years ago there were no pharmacies that could prepare “natural” or bio-identical hormones. I had to order them from a pharmacy in Wisconsin. So progesterone for patients that were threatening to miscarry, or infertility patients, we had to order it from out of town. Now, the spectrum for compounding medications has broadened so much, thank goodness, and not just for hormones but medications for children in “lollipop” version, etc. Wheeler pharmacy has always been there for my patients with a reliable product and a friendly pharmacist that is happy to talk to the patient and explain what they do and help the patient understand they are not just a “pill counter” pharmacist like the big chain pharmacies are. It does take extra skill from the pharmacist to compound medications and they do have to follow national standards. Of course hormones will always be controversial!!! The pharmaceutical companies will criticize the compounding pharmacies, it is competition. The fact is that they provide the medication at a much more affordable price to the patient despite the fact that most insurances do not reimburse for compounding, but the copays for pharmaceutical meds are much higher than your out of pocket cost for compounded HRT. The compounds are prepared fresh for the patient according to the doctors’ dosage specification. No stabilizers have to be added that make them sit on a shelf for years! American college of OB/GYN has issued a statement that as long as there is no harm shown then they do not object to doctors prescribing these medications, and frankly I do not know of any lawsuits as compared to many lawsuits against pharmaceuticals and recalls of their medications! Patient’s blood levels can also be monitored for safety of dosage. I am glad that we have compounding pharmacies such as Wheeler’s Custom Compounding to give my patients another option for their medications. Especially Hormone Replacement Therapy!”
– Dr. Magdalene Karon, M.D., F.A.C.O.G.

“As a practicing Pediatrician in Lexington, KY, I have used Wheeler’s Custom Compounding for many years. I have always found them to be extremely professional and knowledgeable. Through compounding I can effectively treat my patients with the customization of strengths, flavors, and dosage forms to ensure compliance, positive results, and happy parents! In addition, the counseling and personal service that they provide makes them invaluable part of the healthcare team. I wholeheartedly recommend Wheelers for all your custom compounding needs!”
– Dr. Jeremy Warner, M.D.